Friday, September 18, 2009

First ever "Retro Toes" blog post

(Retro Toes above Rocket Rascals, $25.00)

So here is where it all started. Left over retro fabric, and a few sleepless nights coming up with the design.

This is my first blog for "Retro Toes". You may already have met me through Peg & Kate. I've become so addicted to blogging that I have decided to give "Retro Toes" its own space.

I plan to post images of my "Retro Toes" as they are created, and I'd love to hear what you think of them.

What are Retro Toes?

Well if you haven't heard of a shoe clip before, they are a clip that fit's onto the toe, side or back of your shoe. Ballet flats are great, if they have a plain front they are perfect. They also look great on your more formal evening shoes, you can take a plain heel and give it a fresh look with a set of Retro Toes, and instantly you have a new pair of shoes.

I don't have them for sale on my website as yet, but that is coming. In the mean time you can see them in person at the Boutique Markets Portside. This is a great market in Brisbane, right on the river and they are on the second Sunday of every month.

Here are a few more images, if you would like to know more about the Retro Toes, prices etc please send me an email at Id love to hear from you.

I love the Dick n Jane lines, they are so much fun to wear.
The small discs retail for $22.50 and the larger ones with the frilled
edge are $25.00. Not bad, considering they are handmade and set to
a gift card. Present all solved in one purchase.

All of the Retro Toes are set on gift cards, so they make a
perfect gift to pop in the mail to a friend.

This is the same Retro Toe, just displayed on the toe of
one ballet flat, and the heel of a stunning evening shoe. Retail Price $25.00